Declan O’Connell & Co. can provide advice in the following circumstances:
• Creditors Liquidations
• Court Liquidators
• Members Liquidation
• Corporate Receivership
• Fixed Asset Receivership
• Examinership
• Corporate Turnaround
• Bank Restructuring

Additionally, Declan O’Connell & Co provides:

A confidential advisory service to both Corporate and Private Individuals experiencing both liquidity and insolvency issues, including attending to and negotiating appropriate restructuring solutions with Bankers and /or Creditors.

Directors Advisory Service to facilitate and assist directors understand their corporate responsibility including their practical applications in technical areas of reckless, fraudulent and preferential trading in insolvency and liquidation cases.

Organise Creditors Meetings for liquidations and examinerships on behalf of Companies and attends Creditors Meetings on behalf of unpaid Creditors.  They will represent Creditors on Liquidation Committees of Inspection where required.

Assist both Banks and Borrowers review the application of Fixed and Floating Charges and Personal Guarantees with a view to ascertaining a practical solution to these sensitive issues in insolvency, restructuring, receivership, liquidation and bankruptcy situations.

Our firm will work with either the client’s solicitor or the best available legal insolvency practitioner.