The strength of the charity sector comes from the value society places on the social capital it generates. A key argument is that good regulation underpins good accountability which supports the building of trust, and trust is essential to ensure the continuing health of the sector (including its ability to access funding).

With charities subject to distinct accounting and taxation rules, employing a trusted accountant that comprehends your precise requirements is essential.

We currently act for a large number of clients who are registered charities in Ireland. We are familiar with the requirements for SORP accounting and prepare accounts in this format. We would be pleased to assist you with setting up your charity and the various structures you can use. We are aware of various cost saving options for charities and also can advise on Revenue tax back schemes which are available to charities.

We have experience of dealing with the Charities Regulator Office for a number of Religious, Clubs and Not-For-Profit organisations including:
• Registration
• Annual Returns
• Trustee Reports
• Preparation of Accounts in accordance with SORP 1.